Hot Springs Screenplay Competition

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Our new Summer '22 Competition is now open!

Click here for more information and to enter! 

Announcing the Spring '22 Winners!


The Winner and Top Placements for our Spring 2022 Competition are now listed on the Winners page.

We're very excited to announce our new partnership with Virtual Pitch Fest!!


Our competition winner will win 10 Pitches on VPF!


VPF is the platform for TV/Film professionals seeking scripts and writers to represent.

With VPF, writers can submit Written Pitches to 500+ networks/studios, producers and agents

with the assurance of a guaranteed response. 

Our 2nd-6th place finishers will win 3 pitches each,

all other Finalists will win 2 pitches each,

and all Quarterfinalists and Semifinalists will win 1 pitch each!


- For more information about Virtual Pitch Fest, go to www.VirtualPitchFest.com or click on the logo above -

- Feedback on our Winter 2022 Competition -

Hot Springs Screenplay Competition is the friendliest and, in my experience so far, the most encouraging competition I've been part of. I was excited to learn my screenplay Centurions was named a Quarter-Finalist then, two days later, it was a Semi-Finalist. Another two days went by, and it was a Finalist. Two days after that I learned Centurions was the 5Th Place Finisher. I love that the jury results are released like this. The process injects suspense, tension, and even joy into the process. On top of that, encouraging and thoughtful written feedback is given to Finalists. Thank you, Hot Springs! I’ll be back.

Thanks again for your encouragement and your interest in my work. It’s a lovely change in a

screenplay competition to receive such a generous, friendly response. I intend to submit the piece

I’m working on now when I feel it’s ready.

I appreciate the kind words and the personable, hands-on approach to the competition. 
Thank you for the opportunity to submit.

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The Rules for the Competition are listed on the Rules page and for more information about the Competition, refer to the FAQ page or email us at hsscreencomp@gmail.com. Good luck and we can't wait to read your screenplay!


A portion of the proceeds from this Competition will go to fund the Arkansas Young Playwrights Competition, a competition founded in 2003 to promote writing among our high school students in the State of Arkansas.


The winner of our 2021-22 Arkansas Young Playwrights Competition and the actors in his winning play.

Our entries from the Hot Springs Screenplay Competition pay for the AYPC and a $500 cash prize for the winner.

Hot Springs, Arkansas: in addition to being the home of the nationally-recognized Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Hot Springs is also one of the nation's oldest national parks, boyhood home of Pres. Bill Clinton, birthplace of Oscar-winning screenwriter, Billy Bob Thornton, the setting of the current national best-seller, "The Vapors" and home to the famous Bath House Row and Oaklawn Race Track. Over the past one hundred years, this small but cosmopolitan city has attracted the world famous, from notorious gangsters to major league baseball players who set up spring training camp here as well as a thriving community of artists, painters and writers.

- Reviews of our Fall 2021 Competition -

Great competition! Finalists are given feedback notes which are constructive, helpful and show your script has actually been read by a person. Friendly, inviting and welcoming to all writers no matter what level in their career. Highly recommended.

In all the ways that matter this an exemplary script contest: it met (or beat) deadlines for announcements, had a meaningful number of finalists, and provided personalized feedback to them that clearly came from a human being and not an algorithm. I don't do a lot of contests not attached to festivals these days but this is a keeper.

Feedback on our Fall 2021 Competition

I rarely write back to contests, but I wanted to thank you and your staff personally: these notes were lovely, and as I posted on Facebook, "writerly" in the best sense of the word.


Thank you for your notes and kind words, I greatly appreciate them both.  I can only agree with what you wrote and your thoughts. (Title of script) is a special story, a personal one, one I intend to revisit in January and your notes will greatly help. Will use your notes and resubmit with another script.


Wow! Thank you so much! And thank you for the wonderful notes. They were very useful and appreciated!