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Hot Springs Screenplay Competition


Our third competition, Spring 2022, opens on April 4, 2022.

Q:  When are the deadlines?

A:  Early- April 26, 2022 / Regular- May 18, 2022 / Late - June 9, 2022 / Final- July 1, 2022

Q:  What are the announcement dates?

A:  Quarterfinalists- July 4, 2022 / Semifinalists- July 6, 2022 / Finalists- July 8, 2022 /

      Winner- July 10, 2022

Q:  Are you offering feedback notes on my script?

A:  We will provide complimentary notes for the Finalists, if requested.

Q:  How do I enter?

A:  Click on the ISA or FilmFreeway buttons on the Enter Now page.

Q:  Can I submit more than one script?

A:  Absolutely! But each script must be submitted separately.

Q:  What is the acceptable minimum/maximum page length?

A:  80/120 pages.

Q: Does the genre of my script affect my chances to win?

A:  No. Unless the competition is asking for a specific genre, we're simply looking for good writing.

Q: How will my work be judged?

A: We're looking for creativity, originality, an entertaining story and good writing. As writers and experienced competition directors, we know the only death knell for a script is boredom. A good rule of thumb is to imagine telling your story to a roomful of strangers. If they're hanging on your every word, you've got a winner. If however, they're fidgeting and looking for a chance to leave the room, then you're story is probably boring and not worth telling.

Q:  Can I mail a copy of my script?

A:  No, you must submit electronically with a script in PDF file format.

Q:  Do I maintain the rights to my screenplay if I enter?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Can I submit a script under a pen name?

A:  Yes, but this will be the name that will be used to promote your screenplay should you place in the competition or win.

Q:  Does my screenplay have to be registered with the Writers' Guild to enter?

A:  No, but it's always a smart idea to register your script before making it available to the public.

Q:  Is an adaptation of a novel or other work written by someone else acceptable as a submission?

A:  Yes, but ONLY if you have the legal rights to adapt the book/work. The work must be in the public domain or you must have the author's permission to adapt it. If the author is deceased, you must have permission from the author's estate. Spec scripts without written permission will not be considered.

Q:  After entering, can I send a revised copy of my script?

A:  No. Script revisions are not accepted for any reason. If you wish to submit a revised version of your script you must submit it as a new entry.

Q:  Will someone at your competition steal my idea?

A:  No. We are writers and artists ourselves and we respect the creative process and the right of each artist to own and promote his/her own ideas without the fear of theft. But this is also why it's important to register your work before you share it with us or anyone else.


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